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Fact: 25% of All Your Bones Are In Your Feet

Lack of proper care, ill-fitting shoes, and general foot neglect are responsible for the majority of foot problems.

We understand feet.

It’s essential to understand that your feet have a direct impact on the rest of your body. A small abnormality in foot function can have a large impact on the whole kinematic chain, causing pain and discomfort especially in the knees and pelvis, and lumbar spine.

When you are running, the pressure on your feet can be three or four times your body weight. Even walking can produce more pressure than the sum of your body weight. The American Podiatric Medical Association says that the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. That adds up to about 115,000 miles in a lifetime or more than four times the circumference of the globe. That is a lot of painful walking if you have inadequate arch support or ill-fitting shoes!

In some cases, foot ailments can be an early signal of more serious medical problems such as arthritis or diabetes. Special orthotics can be made for the pain and prevention of foot problems. Women have four times as many foot problems as men because they have a long history of wearing high heels and/or pointy shoes. Orthotics and proper fitting shoes are essential to good biomechanics and preventing foot pain. If you are experiencing pain in your feet, ankles, knees, or hips, the main cause may be directly related to the function of your feet. Over the years our custom-made orthotics have helped many children, diabetics, athletes, and arthritic patients.

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