4 Ways To Avoid Summer Injury & Back Pain

Summer is officially here and introducing new summer activities into the daily routine increases the risk of injury and back pain.t is very important that whatever summer activities you will be planning and doing, it is always best to keep in mind a healthy spine.

Ways to protect your back this summer


Plan your day ahead-whether golfing all day, endurance cycling, or swimming in the lake, it is best to have a plan in mind on how will you go about the task without straining your back. Consider choosing the right swing, the most efficient bicycle or the best stroke with these activities. Not only will you protect your back but also conserve your energy.


Pace your activity by starting slowly and gradually. This will give your body time to adjust and adapt to the new activity and avoid getting hurt. Taking frequent rest and breaks in between and not pushing yourself harder than what you’re used to. Even if you are not experiencing pain will relax and relieve the body of unnecessary tension and stress.


Prioritize a healthy back – stationary positions such as prolonged sitting during road trips can be very harmful to the spine. Frequent change of position, getting help for long-distance driving and having lumbar support are just ways to avoid back pain. For distance runners or cyclists, stretch and strengthen certain key muscles to keep balance in the body thus decreasing chances of having back strain. Also of equal importance is the constant awareness of the proper posture of each spinal segment and avoiding pain-provoking positions.


Enjoying summer should be everyone’s goal- with the proper information of keeping a healthy back and education regarding ways to prevent back pain, summer will be bright as the sun, fun in the sand, and a happy trip on the road. Remember that the body can only take so much at one time, respect pain, and give the body time to recover. However, if your pain persists and you think you need to learn more about protecting your back…a visit to a professional such as a CHIROPRACTOR OR A PHYSIOTHERAPIST will definitely help you.

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Article by Heidee Sanchez P.T.

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